About Us

Horsepower Garage

Horsepower Garage Performance & Dyno Tuning area trusted local repair shop in Nowra, New South Wales. We are a Performance all makes including HSV, Monaro, Commodore specialist, offering dyno tuning for all Makes including HSV, Monaro ,Commodores and other makes and models of cars including LS Tuning. If you’re looking for performance parts to take your vehicle to the next level, Horsepower Garage Performance & Dyno Tuning have what you’re looking for. We rely on the finest products to modify your engine and increase the performance of your vehicle. LS Tuning to all makes and custom fitting to all cars. We specialise in LS, LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6, LS7, LSA, LS9, Gen3, Gen4, LS Tuning, L76, L98, L77, RHS, LSX. 

Want to transform your vehicle? Horsepower Garage Performance & Dyno Tuning can make it happen by pimping your ride with dyno tuning, vehicle enhancements and other services. Our workshop offers full customisation services for a vehicle you can’t wait to hop into. 

Quality Workmanship

Horsepower Garage Performance & Dyno Tuning are dedicated to providing excellent customer service for each and every customer. Our customers can count on us for the best vehicle performance upgrades and customisation services. We are an official dealer of VCM products for the very best in vehicle performance.

Call our team today to request a free estimate for dyno tuning, performance parts, vehicle upgrades and more. Our experts will make sure your vehicle is operating in top shape and is looking its very best as you drive away from our repair shop. 

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